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Our #1 goal is to get our customers a supply of good clean water.

Water Well Drilling
Drilling is done in either soil (20%) or bedrock (80%) and we do both types equally well
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Pump Systems (Franklin authorized dealer)
Neil Brown Well Drilling is an authorized Franklin Pump dealer
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Hydro Fracturing
This procedure is designed to increase the amount of water in existing dry and low yield water wells and consists of sealing a packer into the bedrock and then using a high pressure pump to inject water into the well. When the high pressure, high volume water is pumped into the well it opens up cracks and fractures in the rock that would normally be plugged with sand or silt. The then opened up cracks let water enter into the well.
Well Abandonment (Decommissioning)
The Ministry of the Environment has set guidelines for the decomissioning of wells (dug or drilled) that are no longer in use (ie. dry wells or poor quality wells) in order to protect your property and your water supply from contamination.
Well Rehabilitation
Usually done on an older existing well and could consist of hydro fracturing a well completed in rock, stopping sand from entering a well, or using water and air jetting to clean a screened well.
Heat Pump Wells & Geothermal Drilling
An open loop heat pump system uses the well to supply the water to the heat unit. A second well should be used to discharge the cooler water back into the ground.
A closed loop system consists of a series of vertical holes with looped piping into them which then warms in the ground before returning to the heat unit. Closed loop systems can also be done in horizontal trenches.
Additional Commercial Services
Neil Brown Well Drilling provides:
  • Water wells
  • Monitoring wells
  • Dewatering
  • Abandonment
  • Pump Systems